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External Wall Insulation and Silicone Render in Warwick | New Exterior? How to Complete the Look

Having had your home fully transformed thanks to new external wall insulation and a complementary K Rend silicone render or through-coloured render, what else needs to be done? To work towards the ultimate kerb appeal and top market value in Warwick and the other areas we cover, there are a few tips you can follow to ensure your property stands out from the crowd.

At AJT Property Services Ltd we’ve been advising our clients for over forty years on how to make the most of their homes and premises in the West Midlands by availing of our professional insulation and rendering techniques.

Kerb Appeal

No matter how much you spend on external wall insulation services, it’s important to make sure every aspect of your property looks good. There’s no point getting new windows installed if the paint is cracked or your walls are covered with algae. Similarly, new external insulation and K Rend silicone render or through-coloured rendering won’t look as attractive if your front door is falling off its hinges. 


A home should be welcoming so make sure the area around the front door is clutter free and clean. If the door doesn’t need replacing, apply a fresh coat of paint to suit the new rendering. And don’t forget the door furniture. Remember less is more. Always match the items – if the handle is chrome, make sure all the other fixtures are chrome as well.


An alternative idea to sprucing up the entrance is to add a porch with a complementary roof pitch. Whether using contrasting brick work, or a conservatory-style glass, this addition will increase internal floor space as the hallway furniture may be moved into the porch if it’s large enough.


Don’t only look at the window frames and glass panels, stand back from your home and assess the internal dressings as well. Are they cluttered with roller blinds and curtains? Are any of the Venetian blinds damaged and require repair or replacement? If any of the sills are overflowing with ornaments or toys, consider cutting back. We said it already – less is more.


There is no need to have the driveway looking like a runway. Strategically placed security lighting will provide illumination when and where you need it without blinding the neighbours in the process. If your Warwick home is modern and contemporary, make sure you choose matching lights. Antique fairs may provide adaptable options for older properties.


You may not even like gardening but don’t ignore it. Low-maintenance flowers and shrubs, along with artificial grass, will have the exterior of your Warwick home looking perfect all year round and you don’t have to do much to maintain it.

AJT Property Services provides external wall insulation services for domestic and commercial clients in Warwick and the West Midlands. Our time-served and highly skilled team will also enhance the look of your home with our range of rendering options, including K Rend silicone render and through-coloured renders.

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