External Wall Insulation and K Rend in Leamington Spa | Reasons to Use K Rend

At AJT Property Services, we specialise in external wall insulation and silicone render. Covering through-coloured render all the way to K Rend, we have a solution for everyone. We manage the rendering for all types of properties in Leamington Spa and the surrounding areas we cover.

Here, we look at the reasons to use K Rend to upgrade your property, including:


With advanced technology, this type of render adds an extra water-repellent layer to the external walls of properties. Our experts can apply this render to sections of buildings that are highly exposed to the elements and could use the extra protection. It ensures rainwater and moisture don’t penetrate buildings, protecting them from creating a moist environment where algae and mould could grow. 

Low Maintenance

Our experts can easily apply K Rend silicone render and create a seamless finish. As part of our external wall insulation services, we ensure rendering is carefully applied so it dries as quickly as possible and is aesthetically pleasing. Once we have applied the render, it will stay in top condition for decades with minimal maintenance. All that is required to keep it functioning optimally is hosing it down every so often. Our specialists complete quality applications of all types of render, including through-coloured render, in Leamington Spa and all surrounding areas.


This type of render creates drier wall surfaces compared to other types. Our silicone products make sure that moisture isn’t trapped by letting water vapour pass through. This prevents moisture build-up, damp and mould. Allowing the vapour to pass through the substrate is key to creating a safe and healthy living environment. Their breathability is why they are such a popular choice for external walls.

Reduce Damage

Our top-of-the-line render is flexible, which helps the surface of walls resist cracking. Cracks are typically caused by expansion and shrinkage because of changing temperatures, so having a good quality render will reduce the risk of damage. The render we provide also doesn’t fade and holds up well in extreme conditions. It is versatile and durable, which helps prevent homes from being damaged for many years.

Colour Choices

We offer K Rend silicone render in a wide range of colours and finishes. As through-coloured render specialists, AJT Property Services can help you find the best colour rendering for your property in Leamington Spa or any of the surrounding areas. From muted, natural tones to vibrant colours, we have an option for everyone. Multiple finish options are available to suit your preference, including smooth or textured appearances. We are happy to guide you through all of the external wall insulation options available to improve your building.

Call AJT Property Services today on 07966 375040 and find out more about the K Rend and External Wall Insulation we provide in Leamington Spa and all of the surrounding areas.